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An acronym for “Clean out of Place”. This refers to equipment that needs to be taken apart and manually cleaned.


A chemical that can destroy the surfaces of plant and equipment.

Critical Control Point (CCP)

A point, step or procedure in a process at which control can be applied and a food product safety hazard can be prevented, eliminated or reduced to a level that is acceptable. Also known as a CCP.

Critical Hygiene Area

The internal critical environment that includes all areas where product is, or can be, exposed to contamination after pasteurisation.


Where pathogens or other contaminants are passed from one thing to another.


When crystals are formed.

Culinary medium

A medium is a substance like water, steam or a surface that is in direct contact with the product (milk) during heat treatment. It must meet culinary (food safety) standards.


A substance formed when milk coagulates which is used to make cheese or cream cheese.


The solid produced from cheese and casein processing. The coagulum cut into small pieces.

Cured or ripened cheese

Cheese which is not ready for consumption shortly after manufacture, but which must be held for such time, temperature, and under other conditions as will result in the necessary biochemical and physical changes characterising the cheese.

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