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When something has a rank, unpleasant smell or taste. It often happens in fats and oils.


Root Cause Analysis.


When product is called back from the customer because of a major quality or food product safety issue.


To restore a dried product to its original state by adding water to it.

Reference test method

An approved method which all other methods of testing are compared with.


The order in which things are done.

Rennet (animal)

Rennet (chymosin) is an enzyme extracted from the (4th) compartment of the stomach of young calves. It is a proteolytic enzyme that causes casein to coagulate.

Rennet alternatives

Vegetable – made from plants, e.g. thistle, nettle.
Microbial – acquired from mould.
Recombinant - made using gene technology.


Over and over again.

Representative sample

A sample which represents the unit from which it is taken from.

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