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Feeling like you’re going to be sick.


Non-Conformance Report. 


A substance that is not acidic or alkaline and has a ph of 7. Water is a neutral substance.


It stands for nanofiltration. It is a medium to high pressure filtration process. It is used for partial demineralisation of whey, lactose-free milk or volume reduction of whey. It can also be another type of reverse osmosis.


Near Infra-Red. Measurement of protein, fat, and moisture.


A gas that does not condense at the normal operating temperature of an evaporator.


When product or process doesn’t meet the required standards at your company.

Non-conforming product

Product that does not meet the safety or quality specifications that have been set out for it.


A type of metal that is electrically conductive and non- magnetic. Copper, aluminium, brass, and phosphor bronze are examples of non-ferrous metals.


The things microorganisms get from food that make them grow and keep healthy.

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