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Magnetic permeability

Ability to be magnetised or attracted by a magnet.


A warm blooded animal.

Mammary secretion

Milk that comes from the mammary gland of a female animal feeding her young.


Infection of the mammary glands by bacteria.


Motor Control Centre.

Mechanical energy

When some sort of force is used to help remove soils. Scrubbing, high-pressure sprays, spray balls and nozzles, and the flow of cleaning solutions in pipework are all examples of mechanical energy. Also known as “kinetic energy”.


In relation to testing, media is the substance the microorganisms are grown on.


A means by which something is achieved. For example, a heating medium is used to heat product, and a cooling medium is used to cool product.

Melting point

The temperature something melts at.


It is a type of filter used to separate a liquid into two streams (retentate and permeate). Membranes can have different sizes to separate specific components of milk and whey.

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