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HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point. HACCP is an internationally recognised system used to identify and manage food product safety hazards. It is used to make sure the food you produce in your factory is safe to eat and will not harm anyone.

Hard water

Water that has a lot of minerals in it. Hard water can leave a layer of residue called “scale” on the surfaces of the plant and equipment.


To cause injury or damage.


Something dangerous that can hurt you.

Hazard analysis

Where hazards are assessed to determine how likely they are to occur, and how serious the harm that they cause may be.

Hazard identification form

A form used in the workplace to record information about a hazard. For example, what it is, how it is being managed, and who is responsible for checking it is being managed. This form could be a physical piece of paper, or it could be a digital entry on First Priority.

Hazard register

Where details about all of the hazards in a workplace are filed.


Something that can cause you harm. 

Heat Stable Microorganisms

Heat Stable Microorganisms that can remain active up to 100°C.


Human Machine Interface.

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