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Gas flushed

When a neutral gas is added to a product to flush out oxygen so that the product achieves its required shelf life. The neutral gas is usually either nitrogen, carbon dioxide, or a combination of both.


Begin to grow.


When you use part of your body to communicate something. For example, when you nod your head, or wink, or signal with your hand.


Good Manufacturing Requirements. A measurement of product that is performing within certain lab testing limits constantly and adhering to those limits.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

The practices and procedures that are carried out during production and testing to make sure the product produced is consistently fit for its intended purpose. Also known as Good Operating Practices and pre-requisite programmes.


When you put words together in a sentence in a way that is easily understood.


Cutting cheese into a two dimension portion with a half moon shape.


Global User Identification (your computer username/logon).


A gusset is a material that's added to flexible packaging to create more space and strengthen its structure. Typically, a gusset is added to either the sides or the bottom of the packaging.