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The path in the process that the CIP cleaning follows. For example, the pipework, tanks, silos, etc. that are connected together and the cleaning solutions are pumped through.


The separation of solid impurities from milk products using a centrifugal clarifier.


How plants and animals are arranged in groups according to their similarities. Classification makes it easier to identify and name organisms.


A substance that removes dirt from something. Detergent is an example of a cleaner.


The things you do to remove rubbish and residues from something.


Concentrated milkfat – term used for milkfat from an AMF process that is intended for ammix butter manufacture.


Certificate of Analysis. A certificate requested by a customer that details actual results for a specific batch/cypher of the product (i.e. moisture level, protein content, or extra testing additional to standard tests required by MPI).


Cheese: Crumpling together by adding rennet to the cheese vat to curdle (congeal) the milk into a gel.

Cream cheese: Crumpling together by allowing starter to lower this pH of the milk, causing the milk to curdle (congeal) into a gel.


Cheese : The solid gel resulting from the enzyme activity of the rennet on milk.

Cream Cheese : The solid gel resulting from starter bacteria lowering the pH of milk below the isoelectric point of the casein proteins.


Spherical cell.

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