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The part of an evaporator in which we evaporate water from milk. This is a tubular heat exchanger – a series of tubes surrounded by steam. Milk passes through the tubes.


Capital Expenditure.


Main protein present in milk. Casein is made of casein protein molecules which made up of 100-200 amino acids. In milk, casein molecules form micelles.

Casein to fat ratio (C/F)

% casein/% fat = C/F Ratio


A positively charged ion


A piece of equipment that separates substances of different density, for example, milk and cream.


The main body of a spray drier. Sometimes known as a drying tower.


A feature or quality belonging to the product. For example: the way the product smells or tastes.

Chlorine-based sanitisers

A sanitiser that has chlorine in it. Also known as an “oxidising agent” or “oxidiser”.


Clean In Place

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