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Ground down, rubbed.

Absorbent material

Something that soaks up the chemical.

Accident and Emergency

The part of the hospital you go to if you have an accident or an emergency, also called A&E.

Accident register

A record of all the work-related accidents or incidents. At Fonterra, all records of work-related accidents or incidents are recorded in First Priority.


When a chemical has a pH below 7, also known as ‘acidic’.

Acid-based cleaner

A cleaner that has acidic chemicals in it. Acid-based cleaners have a pH below 7.

Acid-based sanitiser

A sanitiser that has acidic chemicals in it.  Acid-based sanitisers have a pH below 7. Acid-based sanitisers are also known as “oxidising agents” or “oxidisers”.

Acronym (abbreviation)

When you use letters to make a word smaller. For example, NZ is the abbreviation for New Zealand.

Active agent/active ingredient

An ingredient in cleaning and sanitising chemicals that does a particular job. For example, an active agent could remove proteins.


Negative, bad. 

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