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A substance that removes dirt from something. Detergent is an example of a cleaner.


The things you do to remove rubbish and residues from something.


Concentrated milkfat – term used for milkfat from an AMF process that is intended for ammix butter manufacture.


Certificate of Analysis. A certificate requested by a customer that details actual results for a specific batch/cypher of the product (i.e. moisture level, protein content, or extra testing additional to standard tests required by MPI).


Cheese: Crumpling together by adding rennet to the cheese vat to curdle (congeal) the milk into a gel.

Cream cheese: Crumpling together by allowing starter to lower this pH of the milk, causing the milk to curdle (congeal) into a gel.


Cheese : The solid gel resulting from the enzyme activity of the rennet on milk.

Cream Cheese : The solid gel resulting from starter bacteria lowering the pH of milk below the isoelectric point of the casein proteins.


Spherical cell.


A family of bacteria that are naturally found in the intestines and faeces of animals and birds.

Colloidal suspension

When very fine solid particles are found evenly throughout a liquid. For example, protein in the water phase of milk.

Colony forming unit (cfu)

Those microorganisms which are strong enough to grow and reproduce, so that a colony can be seen in the agar after a few days.

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