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Differential media

Media which has been made so that the by-products of microbiological growth cause certain reactions which allow the laboratory to see what type of microorganisms are growing. Most differential media is also selective. For example: if a bacteria can digest lactose, the by- product will be lactic acid. A differential media may have a dye which is colourless, but turns black in acidic conditions. Therefore black rings show that the colonies are digesting lactose.


Mixing a chemical with water so it is not so strong.


Something that is coloured differently to its normal colour. An example is when we spill tea or coffee on our clothes, and the mark doesn’t come out.


Being careful and responsible with other people’s personal information.


Spread out.


Get rid of.


When a substance mixes completely into a liquid. For example, when sugar mixes with water the sugar disappears into the water – the sugar has been dissolved into the water.



Distributor plate

Sometimes known as a Spreader Plate, this plate spreads the milk infeed evenly across the top of the calandria to ensure even distribution into the tubes and therefore, even heating.


Daily Management System.

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